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Fantasies: A getaway from the boredom of couples

火曜日, 8月 16th, 2022

It is a fact that social distance is important and necessary in pandemic times. 

Each country can make its own decisions, so it may be different from another in some aspects of confinement; in many places for example, all restrictions on total estrangement were followed. 

That’s when, many couples only have the option of sharing the same space, unlike couples who can be separate and can still cooperate to the recommendations of governments to contain the virus. 

At this moment, the body and the mind, which do not stop being connected although everything around is paralyzed, are still active and do not understand the commands to stop. So… how to tell the brain that desires in general cannot be done right now and will remain unfulfilled?

Well, the truth is there are desires and… desires! That’s when the need to satisfy body and mind comes into play for whatever reason. And to talk about this without connecting directly to fantasies, is to miss the opportunity for imagination to be enhanced. 

To avoid falling into a routine, it would be a good idea to use the available tools.

People during times of quarantine still can take advantage of other ways to fulfill the best fantasies and desires having fun with the escorts in Ballarat. 

Skokka has a true appreciation for fantasies, which at this time are much more craved. Thinking about it, some attitudes are in order to collaborate with all this to reach an end sooner. 

Because after all, who doesn’t like to have fiery moments that stimulate the brain? Now that virtual sex is booming, let’s see how to take advantage of it.

An invitation to pleasure

Some say that those who are in a relationship, in times of confinement, usually have more sex than those who are single or separated from their lover at this fateful moment. The truth is, everything depends on the relationship and the conditions in which they find themselves when sharing the same space, without being able to escape, as they could do before to see the sexy escorts, for example.

An invitation to pleasure can be the first step towards a return to the senses of love and desire. It’s time to try to make things work (if there really is such a possibility), with something that works for both. It’s a matter of giving it a try, hoping that everything can, perhaps, go back to being naturally sexy as it once was. Following the example of the most beautiful escorts.

A subtle invitation, caresses and attention can be the key for fantasies to have the opportunity to be fulfilled. Long before a pandemic situation it was recommended to take some time to talk. Now, in addition to talking about the relationship, it is advisable to talk about fantasies and fetishes as a way to stimulate desire.

Explore what looks attractive 

Some couples are often ashamed to release all their desires even if it is within four walls. To realize some fantasies, though, it is necessary to have an open mind. 

For example, one thing that’s been trendy for a while, is to feel good about yourself and take a couple of pictures. 

A photo shoot session is a great way to explore what the other sees more beautiful and attractive in the partner. It would also be a way to help with self-esteem, while immortalizing the relationship in an original way. It doesn’t have to be a super camera or an incredible movie production, just enjoy the moment and at the same time, think about the fantasies that can be realized in the next step.

The option of sextape can also help in this fantasy game. It is when it is possible to combine different alternatives: wear costumes, put on beautiful lingerie, watch sex online, do a role reversal in bed and then enjoy together watching how the game has gone. 

It is already known that there are some people who are shy when talking about these topics, but now, more than ever, it is time to try positions, games and everything that could help the couple to rediscover pleasure.

Try new positions

It may already look “old”, but the Kamasutra will always give different ideas about innovative positions. It is possible to learn a multitude of erotic love positions with the enlightened help of this special Hindu book and perhaps even continue doing them after all this time of social distance has passed.

Within all possibilities, it is crucial to seize the moment to try to be well to face everything, understanding that all this shall pass, but letting all good things discovered in the form of fantasy remain!