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Why men love anal sex so much

水曜日, 9月 22nd, 2021

In the fantasies of every man, anal sex takes a stable first place. In porn movies, actors penetrate the anus more often than the vagina. But why? Why are men so attracted to the anus?

This is a restricted area

Only in porn films and porn magazines anal sex is practiced more often than vaginal sex. There, beautiful women with huge breasts take unrealistically huge dicks into my ass, or even two at a time. At the same time, they demonstrate incredible pleasure: they scream, groan and violently end up simultaneously with the man.

But in everyday life, in practice, regular anal sex is available to rare lucky ones, which are few. There are many doubts about the harm and benefits of anal sex.

  • A woman has to be persuaded for a long time, to be persuaded by hook or by crook. 
  • If she agrees, then she does it with a suffering face and asks to enter it not deeply, to do it carefully. 
  • And she certainly avoids regular practice.

Therefore, receiving the forbidden fruit is unrealistic whipping up, causing powerful psychological arousal. That’s why so many men watch ass porn videos on HotPornTubes for their own pleasure and satisfaction while masturbating.

It’s cramped, it feels cooler than vaginal sex

The sensations of anal sex are not at all the same as those of vaginal

  • The anal opening is narrower than the opening of the vagina, and always remains so. 
  • In the process of frictions, unlike the vagina, it does not swell, relax or stretch. 
  • It is not weakened by childbirth and age.

It is the narrowness that causes men to fantasize about penetrating a virgin – always like the first time.

Men are additionally excited by the contrast between a wet, well-lubricated vagina, softly covering the penis at the entrance, and an elastic, velvety, well-fitting anus along its entire length.

Anal sex shows love

If a woman is ready to let a man into her ass, then she trusts him. She trusts that he will be gentle, neat and will not hurt her. Trust means love.

According to reviews, during the practice of anal sex there is a special emotional closeness on the part of a woman.

A man, feeling love, has a desire to have all the holes suitable for love.

In anal sex, a man feels like a dominant

To be dominant, to feel undivided power over a woman is every man’s dream. It is anal sex that puts a woman in a position of defenseless and submissive. If she agrees, then she obeys and is ready to follow her man. He is a conqueror, she is defeated.

It is this subconscious instinct that makes a man want to enter the anus.

Psychologists also have an explanation for why men like to have sex in the ass. Nature has ordered in such a way that every guy has the instinct of a conqueror. Having tracked down and caught up with the victim, he must further strengthen his position. Sex with elements of domination, which includes penetration into the female ass, will help to do this.

This type of intimacy is preferred not only by active guys who occupy a dominant position in life. Anal is often chosen by narcissistic guys. The desire to assert even more through dominance over a partner explains why male narcissists love anal sex.

Anal sex is a way to diversify your sex life

Anal, along with blowjob, cunnilingus, masturbation, brings variety to the couple’s sex life.

While the vagina remains free, it can be further stimulated with fingers, a vibrator, and vaginal balls.

You can simply admire the opening in the vagina, which opens and closes in time with the frictions in the anus.

Men perceive these caresses as a dessert. It excites fantasy much more.

Anal sex is an aesthetic pleasure

Men love with their eyes – this is a generally recognized fact. So in anal sex, they do it.

Do not get pregnant with anal sex

Naturally, you cannot get pregnant with anal sex. Therefore, you can finish every intercourse without removing the penis and without using a condom.


The desire to diversify intimate life perfectly explains why some men love anal sex. Judge for yourself: in most couples, this kind of intimacy is rarely practiced, and therefore causes a storm of enthusiasm from the guy. Variety and experimentation in bed is vital for men, they get bored with insipid and monotonous sex, even if they manage to achieve orgasm.

And the last reason why men love anal is the desire to show off sex in front of friends. Yes, in purely male conversations, guys often discuss their exploits in bed! Thus, they increase their status in a friendly society, causing respect and slight envy on the part of their comrades.