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Wat maak amateur pornografie so fokken goed?

Saterdag, 3 September, 2022

There are many theories as to why people are so fucking attracted to amateur porn: “They just want to cum hard while looking at plain women!” is one. We don’t really think that there are many ways of downplaying the hotness of amateur sex, but let’s discuss all the things that make amateur content so interesting anyway. We think that you’re going to really dig the results below:

1. Amateur banging is often spontaneous and spontaneous sex is hot. Why is having sex spontaneously exciting? Wel, first and foremost, it’s because spontaneity means passion. When you really get down to it, passion and desire are what really drive people to do things like watch porn. If a sex scene is devoid of any of these things, it’s kind of boring. There’s no way a passionless scene would get someone all excited even if they have the lowest exceptions possible. Lust and passion of amateur movies are hard to replicate, so even if you have the most enthusiastic pornstar ever, you are still going to be more satisfied if you feel like the scene was totally unscripted. It’s hard to put into words, but these things matter. They make all the difference and can even set the tone for the rest of your porn viewing.

2. Amateur fucking rarely involves any sort of fakery. We all know that women fake orgasms all the time. We all know that porn-y screaming and moaning can get pretty annoying. The same goes for dirty talking. With all of that in mind, it becomes pretty damn obvious that amateur fucking almost always involves genuinely horny people that hate pretending. Their acting skills are never THAT good, so you can always tell whenever they’re trying to exaggerate something for the benefit of the viewer.

3. There’s more amateur XXX than ever before. There are millions upon millions of kinky amateur couples posting their latest sexual escapades all over the web. If that’s not enough for you, the sheer volume of porn that’s available for free download means that it’s never been easier to satisfy any kind of sexual urges. The selection of brand-new amateur porn is also really exciting. You can’t really compete with a genuinely passionate movie in which a hot couple fucks for the camera. There are many videos to choose from, meaning everyone will be satisfied no matter what.

4. Amateur sex XXX is now high-quality. Long gone are the days of amateurs fucking in front of some blurry-ass webcam. The raw sex videos are now incredibly high-quality – everybody has a high-def camera in their pocket and the quality gap between professional and amateur porn has become pretty fucking tiny. It’s crazy how high-quality amateur porn has become, especially if you think about how far the industry has come in the past few years. We think that a good-quality amateur video is completely worth your time since it’s so fucking passionate and also good-looking, most likely. You will fall in love with high-def streaming and downloads.