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Sondag, 20 Februarie, 2022

So, you find yourself on some webcam platform, staring at the most beautiful lady out there. You want to write something witty or earnest enough to elicit a positive response, reg? You want to say something that will make her notice you the same way you noticed her. You no longer care about other women on the site and you want to make sure that she no longer cares about other men in the chatroom.

Wel, according to the beautiful ladies of The Wank Cam, you can actually seduce a camgirl if you flirt the right way. What IS the right way, wel? We will walk you through it. We are more than happy to give you tips on how to interact with women on camming sites.

Best Camgirl Flirting Tips

1. Be Witty. Kyk, not everyone can be witty, but we encourage you to try and make a joke or two. It may not be perfect, but it might show that you are well-read and able to carry a conversation in a fun way.

2. Don’t Be Boring. Boring means different things to different people, so our advice to you is to not be boring. Not for a single second! Weereens, we never said that being an S-tier flirt is an easy task.

3. Be Confident. Confidence is one of the most attractive personality traits out there. In men, in women, it doesn’t really matter which gender we are discussing. We know that we are all naturally attracted to people with confidence.

4. Genuine Compliments Only. It’s a big one. First and foremost, be sure that you avoid cliches. The woman you’re looking at receives thousands upon thousands of bland, unimaginative, and ultimately meaningless compliments. “WOW YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL” is not going to help you get a foot in the door. Claiming that she’s the hottest lady on the site is not going to cut it either due to how exaggerated and uninspired it sounds. Compliment her in a creative way, compliment her on something that most people don’t compliment her on. Hell, even thanking her for giving you a smile (or a hard-on) is a more unique way of giving her positive feedback. The second part of this advice is that you be 100% earnest. If you don’t actually think that she’s the hottest, then you shouldn’t say it.

5. Ask Questions. Nobody wants to talk to the girl, everyone wants to talk about the girl. Most people in chat rooms talk about how horny she makes them feel without showing any interest and how she feels or what she wants to do or whatever. Ask a few questions, help her unique personality shine through.

6. Send Tips. Pretty self-explanatory. She’s not doing this for free and you have to respect that. In this day and age, monetary stimulation is never a bad thing. Show her that you care about her well-being, show her that you want her to strive and be comfortable.

7. Become a Regular. Familiarity builds trust. Trust builds affection. You know you want her to want YOU.